Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Detailed guide to how to play MapleStory M from the chicken up to the player does not cost a penny

For fun, you do not have to recharge to open a MapleStory M coffin but still have a high HP, enough to hit your teammates.

Continue with the detailed MapleStory M tutorial with QUICK - STRONG - BEAUTY without having to load up the game. This article will guide you to plow money Maplestory M Mesos (gold in the game) as fast as possible, through which to buy the best fighting boss Zakum (strongest in the current game) "as easy as candy"!

Time to plow here is when you reached level 100. Because of the role-playing game MapleStory, level (level) is quite important. High-level character stats are increased, you will have more skill points to add, so also stronger. In particular, when going to senior level will have many features to experience, find items. So the level from level 1 to 100 is very important, you should "rewind" as fast as possible. You can refer to Part 1 for the fastest way to level up: Click HERE.
No need to recharge, you can still top damage when defeating Zakum.

Let's get started!

First, to rich we must save already. From level 100, your goal is to get full set of Cam (Unique). Items that you can earn yourself without purchasing include:

- Equipped with armor x2: Complete the leaf picking and roll call. MapleStory is opening event, when you reach the landmark will immediately have a Cam box randomly. Leaves can be picked up during train auto, which is easy to achieve, just plug in the leveling machine about 3 hours is enough. Only 5 consecutive days (or 14 days) are required to complete this event.
So you have saved 10-16 million mesos in this category.
MapleStory M is having an event that donates an orange weapon to players.

- Cam belt, Cam rings: Earn from Nett Piramid dungeon daily. Each day you will have a total of 4 turns (3 turns free and 1 bonus) to go to this dungeon, the probability of item is quite high so quickly will have enough Swing, Unique ring (or Epic, Rare) .
So you also do not need to buy orange belts, nhe slowly will have.

Nett will have a daily Belt and genuine ring.

- Zakum Caps: Watch out for the timeframe to get Expedition to hit Zakum twice. This boss allows 10 people to beat at the same time, so if you are not strong enough, do not let your teammates carry on. If you're lucky, you'll get a hat from this boss, pretty strong. So no need to buy a hat, just use the Epic hat bought in the market is, the price is pretty cheap about 100,000 Maplestory mesos.
The remaining equipment, brothers will have to prepare a decent amount to buy in the Market, priced from 6-12 million per item (unique) Cam. So make money!

- Go to the Elite Dungeon level 95, four times a day. This dungeon will definitely fall out of the purple, you can wear or hang semi-earn more income, estimated from 1 to 2 million Mesos from this way.

- Plug in the auto at Star Force Field: Just combine exp and purple items and money. Adding up to 3 hours every day will bring you 2 million (or more) Mesos.

- The last way, earn the most and also the fastest, not limited, depending on the "buffalo" of the brothers. That is: Create a new email account, plowing up to level 35. At this time each sub-account will have about 1,500,000 Maplestory M mesos. Use this money to buy the "garbage" from the main acc, so you have a huge income right now. Note to plow at 2-3 accounts, by running Multi instance on the BlueStack simulator. This will bring ~ 4 million Maplestory M mesos within 1 hour.

Run Multi simulator, you will plow at the same 2-3 sub accounts, make money to acc acc primary.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Madden Mobile Easter 2017 Guide - How to Get Madden Mobile Easter Egg, Mystery Box and Elite Easter Players

Finally, the Madden Mobile Easter Promo is coming now with a ton of new content. Time for us to making million madden mobile coins and get impressive Easter Items. From April 12 to Sunday, we can log in and play every day to earn Easter Egg that will hatch on Easter Sunday, revealing their contents. As you can see, you can pull Easter Egg such as Crystal Egg, Gold Egg, or Mystery Boxes in Packs, Easter Live Events.While how to get Madden Mobile Easter Eggs, Mystery Box and Elite Easter Players exchange madden mobile coins? Glad you can read this article and share it with your friends through Facebook and Twitter.

Madden Mobile Easter Eggs include Crystal Eggs, Gold Eggs and Mystery Box.

What’s Crystal Egg inside?

You can buy from the Auction House or pull from the packs as you saw. Crystal Egg which contains a Crystal Legend could be either Tony Dorsett or Larry Wilson! These players are ultra-high-end, with 99 OVRs and +2 AGI/+2 AWR boosts, respectively.

What’s Gold Egg inside?

Gold Egg will hatch on 4/16. What’s inside of Gold Egg? Three options in Easter Gold Egg. There are Chocolate Bunnies, Gold Player (over 84+), and Mystery Boxes. So, these Gold Eggs are actually really valuable! Keep your Easter Gold Eggs from now on!

What’s Mystery Boxes inside?

As for now, we are not sure what’s surprise we will see in Mystery Boxes. We will update later.

How to Get Easter Eggs in Madden Mobile?

We can earn Easter Eggs in a variety of ways. 

1.You can get free Gold Egg Pack every day you log in to Madden NFL Mobile during the program. 

2.You can go to Madden Mobile Store to pull Easter Eggs Pack

3. You can “hunt” for Easter Eggs in packs and special Easter-themed Live Events. 

Madden Mobile Easter Live Event as follow:

Wednesday 4/12/17 - Domination, Gauntlet, Position Heroes, Easter Blitz

"Hop To It" (6 stamina - 10 MINUTES ONLY - win 2+ Easter items):

8am - Make a comeback 

12pm - Make a comeback

8pm - Make a comeback

"Bunny Hop" (4 stamina - 1 HOUR ONLY - win 2+ Easter items):

5pm - Oklahoma offense – 3 10yd TDs (6 attempts, SR=4)

10pm - Complete 4 passes into zones (Mid attack, 7 attempts, SR=3)

3am - Pass for 30 yds (4 attempts, SR=10)

Easter Blitz (4 stamina - 4 hour blocks - win 1+ Easter items):

1pm - Play as blocker, get HB 30yds (HB blast, 5 attempts, SR=8)

6pm - Oklahoma offense – 3 10yd TDs (6 attempts, SR=4)

11pm - Complete 2 passes b4 MLB sacks (Edge circle, 5 attempts, SR=9)

4am - Knock out 11 zones by rushing (HB slant, 4 attempts, SR=7)

Thursday 4/13/17 - Easter, Throwbacks & (Rotating Blitz)

"Hop To It" (6 stamina - 10 MINUTES ONLY - 2+ Easter items per win):

8am - Make a comeback in the 4th quarter.

8pm - Make a comeback in the 4th quarter. 

"Bunny Hop" (4 stamina - 1 HOUR ONLY - 2+ Easter items per win):

8am - Pass for 50yds to WRs (5 attempts, SR=8)

1pm - Pass for 30yds to Tes (2 attempts, SR=7)

6pm - Complete 4 passes into zones (Mid attack, 7 attempts, SR=3)

11pm - Complete 2 passes b4 MLB sacks (Edge circle, 5 attempts, SR=9) 

Easter Blitz (4 stamina - 4 hour blocks - 1+ Easter items per win):

9am - Knock out 11 zones by rushing (HB dive weak, 4 attempts, SR=5)

2pm - Pass for 30 yds (4 attempts, SR=10)

7pm - Pass to primary 3x (FL drag, 6 attempts, SR=6)

12am - Pass to primary 3x (FL drag, 6 attempts, SR=6)

4am - Obstacle course (4 attempts, SR=10)

Elite Easter Eggs Exchange Easter Eggs

You can put five chocolate bunnies exchange to get an Easter Egg. You can also get 10 chocolate bunnies exchange to get Three Easter Eggs. Last one, you can put in an elite player exchange to get 30 Easter Eggs, which of them one could be a Crystal Egg.

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Friday, March 31, 2017

New FIFA 17 OVR Squad Rating Combinations: 88-79 OVR Team Ratings for SBC in FIFA 17 Ultimate Team

FUT Birthday brings Premium SBCs and Daily SBCs from now to April 8th, wanna to make FIFA 17 Squad Rating easy and fast to complete FIFA 17 Squad Building Challenges? How to get 84 Overall Squad Rating for FIFA 17 POTM SBCs every month? The FIFA 17 OVR Squad Rating has updated after EA update 1.05, the Old Squad Rating Combinations does not work any more. Today we would like to share the New FIFA 17 Squad Rating Combinations guide, depending on the players you currently have and easy to complete FIFA 17 SBCs now! 

FIFA 17 Team Rating Combinations: How to get Cheap 87 - 78 OVR Team Rating for FIFA 17 Squad Building Challenges

88 OVR Squad Rating

87 OVR Squad Rating

86 OVR Squad Rating

85 OVR Squad Rating

84 OVR Squad Rating

83 OVR Squad Rating

82 OVR Squad Rating

81 OVR Squad Rating

80 OVR Squad Rating

79 OVR Squad Rating

78 OVR Squad Rating

How to Work out the average rating of the team

Step 1
Sum up the ratings of the 11 players.
eg1 84x8, 83x3 = 921
eg2 84x9, 83x2 = 922
eg3 87x1, 84x5, 82x5 = 917

Step 2
Divide by 11 to get the average per player (do not round at this stage!)
eg1 83.7272
eg2 83.8181
eg3 83.3636

Step 3
For every player above the average calculate by how much they are above the average (again do not round!) & sum this up, call this the "total excess"
eg1 (84-83.7272)8 = 2.1818
eg2 (84-83.8181)9 = 1.6363
eg3 (87-83.3636)+(84-83.3636)*5 = 6.8181

Step 4
Add the "total excess" to the team total
eg1 921+2.1818 = 923.1818
eg2 922+1.6363 = 923.6363
eg3 917+6.8181 = 923.8181

Step 5
Round to the nearest digit & divide by 11
eg1 923.1818 -> 923, 923/11 = 83.91
eg2 923.6363 -> 924, 924/11 = 84.00
eg3 923.8181 -> 924, 924,11 = 84.00

Step 6
Round down to get the final squad rating
eg1 83.91 -> 83
eg2 84.00 -> 84
eg3 84.00 -> 84

Hope this article can help you to find the cheapest way to complete the FIFA 17 Squad Building Challenges after EA Updated in FIFA 17 Ultiamte Team. If you want to complete FUT Birthday and POTM Lukaku SBCs easy, this article wou help you a lot! More cheap fifa 17 coins you can buy from dpsvip.com, coupon code "DPSMAD" 5% discount for you!